Executive Coaching: Personal Leadership

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Executive Coaching: Personal Leadership

What is status of former participants after their MY Fundament program? The processes of Pim (Partner at an accounting firm), Astrid (Entrepreneur) and Sjors (CEO of Engineering company) are different, although similarities exist. The common denominator: all three live much more consciously and experience more peace in their lives. What is their favorite instrument of the “Executive” Coaching Leadership program?

Change course

The “Executive” Coaching program is designed for entrepreneurs, managers and executives. We always start with the question, “What is your score for the quality of your life? Most people score a seven or less. Sometimes much lower too.

The three lions

Astrid started her course with a poor C. Her main theme: self-love. Or rather, a lack thereof. She always easily conformed to others and did not really stand up for herself. In daily life, she was anxious and often angry.

Astrid’s biggest move: taking grip back of her life. From now on, she lives a self-conscious life. Her most important statement now is, “My first responsibility is myself. Only I decide how I live my life. No one else!”

Astrid is especially big fan of the “The Three Lions” principle. This is an effective method that transforms negativity in the body to positive energy. This can be a negative thought, a situation or an issue. Instead of the negative situation taking up your attention, you walk out the door in good spirits, with extra energy and pride in yourself.

Only green lights

Sjors was headed fast toward burn-out. In his own words, mainly because of the behavior of his children, parents and shareholders. Sjors was always busy and under a lot of stress. A lot of stress. His score for the quality of his life: 6.

The big turnaround with Sjors is twofold. First came the realization that life can hardly be controlled (even though we often think we can). The second realization: you can select only supporting relationships in life. Within this principle, each subject in a relationship is symbolized by a light bulb. Consciously choose no other color than green. Leave all other lights off. Often by letting go of certain things.

Since using this method, Sjors has been able to observe his surroundings consciously. He no longer allows himself to be drawn into fuss and conflicts. You can probably imagine that this brings him much peace of mind.

The Gatekeeper

Pim finally, turns out to be a man of great deeds. He scores the quality of his life with a poor C Not even his fat boat can change that much. Pim faces many conflicts in his life. His biggest troublemakers: ego and lack of self-love.

By now Pim knows that (self-) love is an abundant quality inside himself. The recognition he sought outside, he now finds within himself. Tim’s favorite instrument is “The Gatekeeper. This is an instrument to keep out negativity and woes. After all, the best way to deal with conflict is to avoid it! To literally further empower this process, he stopped drinking alcohol and eating meat. And in the next six months, he will finally go on his long-desired trip around the world.

The Golden Key

Stress, anger, anxiety, turmoil…. the red line in the lifes of these participants is mostly that they lost grip in their lifes. If you don’t realize that yourself, you can’t change it. In our programs, you will learn that The Golden Key to Change is in your own hands. Always! You will discover what your Original Qualities are and what method suits you to use them permanently in your life. Because that doesn’t come naturally, it takes practice!

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Please contact us for English translations of Dutch text