Staff shortages, how do you prevent these?

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Staff shortages, how do you prevent these?

“It is difficult to solve our staff shortage as well as to attract good people” sighs quite a few HR managers we speak to. Indeed, good personnel is scarce these days. Companies that can retain their workforce are tomorrow’s winners. This is why – especially in the larger companies – a lot of focus exists on job happiness, vitality and sustainable employability. Ever thought of such a “happiness program” yourself?

Job happiness at company level

Staff who on Sunday night already feel like going to work on Monday. Happy employees who walk around whistling, working well together and communicating openly. We would all like that…

It is possible.

Take Semco. Ricardo Semler’s company from Brazil grew 1000% in the last 10 years. How? This company put “job happiness” at the center of its business. The result: higher productivity, lower absenteeism and a pull from the labor market. Millennials in particular know the company well.

Trust, openness and love are concepts you don’t immediately think of in business. But in the meantime, everyone wants to know what magic formula Ricardo used:

A ‘happiness program’ against staff shortages

Before the crisis, the main ambition for many companies was “survive or remediate”. Since the crisis it has mostly been ‘growth’. The next step is to take ‘Job happiness’ as a strategic ambition.

After all, work happiness as a key ambition leads to:

  • Higher productivity
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Less burn-out
  • Less turnover
  • Increase your attractiveness as an employer

Over the years, also our focus has increasingly been on human beings and their pursuit of happiness. By now we can say that we specialize in growth and capitalizing on potential at both corporate and human levels. With our approach, you translate the concept of “workplace happiness” into all areas of business operations, including strategy.

Brainstorm with us!

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