Personal Coaching

Personal leadership with depth. Powerful integration and high effectiveness. Custom-made

Customer satisfaction: 9.2/10.

MY Fundament: take back grip on your life, or do you want to stay a slave of life?

Are you ever tired, too busy, lacking purpose or even feeling a bit burned out? Then get moving and take back control of your life.

Follow MY Fundament Personal Leadership Coaching program. In 8-10 intensive sessions and personal assignments, you uncover your soul. To an A+ for happiness, success and purpose.

Recognize your own MY Fundament, and learn to understand how positive and negative choices and relationships were created. We let you experience what it is like to live and work with meaning and inspiration. And – more importantly – how to create your own success and happiness. Make an action plan and get right on it. You’ll notice how much peace and harmony you can feel.

Confrontational? Yes sometimes, however, always with a clear goal: an A+ for your happiness, personal and business. Customer satisfaction: 9.2/10.

Retreat: 3 days in the pressure cooker. High intensity, interspersed with deep relaxation and culinary delights. Learning from each other.

Masterclass: in one day you will be introduced to the main principles of MY Fundament in a group setting.

Soul knowledge together with powerful integration techniques makes the MY Fundament method unique.

This program is highly recommended for people (close to) burn-out.


Duration: 8 weeks, 1 half-day session per week. Group size: 4 to 8 participants.
Location: upmarket locations. Investment p.p. (ex VAT).

Individual: €3.995

Group/Retreat: € 2.495

Master class: € 695

RGF 2449 - Personal Coaching

“I can only say now, that I lived on autopilot. Despite all the choices I thought I was consciously making. Only when I met the shareholders’ targets could I be happy. This insight alone made my MY Fundament program more than successful. The MY Fundament program I can whole hearted recommend to everyone!”


Director of technical trading company