MY Fundament job happiness

Job happiness through purpose. Growth of people and business.

A vital workforce is happier and performs better. Absenteeism falls and profitability grows. MY Fundament job happiness contributes to lasting improvements in vitality and work happiness throughout the organization.

Here’s how it works:

A group of participants complete the quick scan. This creates a 0-masurement with a sharp picture of the needs of both employer and staff. We then design a customized action program. Six to eight weeks after starting the program, participants take the Quickscan again. Thus, we jointly monitor the effects of the action program and thus the development of work happiness in the company.

The MY Fundament Work Happiness program is:

Complete. All facets of vitality and (work) happiness are addressed: body, emotions, mind, impact and personal leadership.
Effective. For optimal effect, we deploy our entire range of workshops, trainings, group programs (domestic and international), personal and business coaching.
Continuously. With periodic measurements, we monitor and steer the development of vitality and (Job) Happiness in the organization.
Profound. Our program unlocks the potential of people and business. From now on, participants work and live with their hearts and souls.

What does it get you as a company?

  • Participants are more vital, happier and perform better
  • Decline in absenteeism due to stress complaints and burnout
  • Less staff leaving
  • Profitability* is growing
  • You are more attractive as employer
  • Job Happiness is part of the organization’s sustainability profile.

Research by Bootz and Havas Lemz shows that the profitability of companies with adequate attention to work happiness/purpose grows.


Duration: continuous
Group size: varies
Investment: upon request

Do the Quickscan!

gb - MY Fundament job happiness English version

Are you curious about the state of your job happiness? In this short Quickscan, we ask you 13 questions about your job situation. For each question, give a rating between 1 (very poor) and 10 (excellent).


“The main condition of our growth ambition is staff that is vital and satisfied. Their productivity increases and the risk of absenteeism decreases. This is how we bindour emplyees for the long term.”


CEO of Business service provider