MY Cool Plan B

A Cool life full of perspective

How do you stay “cool” in a society full of fear, stress and negativity? Where inflation leaves big holes in your possessions and political leadership no longer offers solutions Start your MY Cool Plan B and and get yourself a life full of perspective. Take responsibility for your own life and learn how:

  • Stay cool.
  • You at the ball in a crashing society.
  • Powerful and confident.
  • 2. Create perspective.
  • Protect and expand your financial situation and business. Possibly international.
  • 3. Withstand the craziness.
  • Shift in the inevitable crashing society and monetary policy to wealth.
  • 4. Regain your freedom. So you can life a soulful life again. No stress!

Start now with MY Cool Plan B. Shift your energy to a rich and valuable life full of perspective. Possibly abroad?

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Masterclass (1 day)

Individual/Group/Retreat (4 days)

Investment: on request, depending on need, location and group size.

Group size: 1 to 20 participants.

Location: beautiful locations in nature at home and abroad.