Key 4 Life

Empowered and meaningful living and business!


Imagine … a planet where people live in harmony and businesses do business with Purpose Everyone contributes.

The reality is different: our world is going bankrupt. In our personal lives, we experience a lot of stress, sometimes resulting in burn-out. And in business, most give priority to economics over ecology. With depletion of our beautiful planet as a result. Firm action is needed… Meet the Key 4 Life Program.

If you wish to come into harmony with yourself in order to make a substantial contribution to a better world, Key 4 Life is for you. If you are an entrepreneur, Key 4 Life offers the opportunity to make your business successful and more effective through meaningful entrepreneurship.

Our Ambition

Making the world a better place by inspiring people to live and do Purposeful business. And facilitate companies to create value and profitable yields. With Key 4 Life!


Key 4 Life consists of two modules. In MY Life, you first connect with your “primal self” (MY Fundament program) and then reshape your life. In OWN purpose you define and activate your mission that actively contributes to a better world.

MY Life module

“Who am I?” and “Who am I not? These questions stay mostly unanswered. And if so, how can you live a life that suits you, a soulful life? In the MY LIFE module you establish harmony with yourself and your life. From your essence you overcome the greatest challenges of life and redesign your life. You are empowered and achieve an optimal energy balance.

A special module has been developed for people with stress, fatigue or burnout.

OWN purpose module

In this module, you will discover your personal mission. And execute it. How do you contribute to a Purposeful world? You explore your mission of existence and actively use your experience, network and business for a better world. From harmony with yourself, you experience the pleasure of ​​making a difference. As a Purposeful entrepreneur, for example, you may want to contribute to the SDG’s of the UN (Sustainable Development Goals). This is how you create competitive advantage that allows value and profit to go hand-in-hand.


Key 4 Life is designed for individuals, groups and businesses.


We are soulful coaches and business leaders specialized in successful integration and implementation.


Maximum well-being and maximum contribution to a better world. Customer satisfaction 9.2/10.

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