Group program

In full swing

In a group setting, you work on your own MY Fundament. Up to 8 people Intensive and hands-on. Added value: learning from each other. Customizable as needed.


8 to 10 (weekly) sessions, workshops, home assignments and video calls. Shift from part 2. From there, plenty of movement.

  • Inventory situation, desires and your life issues.
  • Transfer wisdom including becoming conscious of your drives.
  • Practical translation to your areas of life.
  • Relationship between originality and positivity.
  • Constructing MY Fundament.
  • From MY Fundament to your own subjects.
  • Action plan with powerful integration techniques.
  • Personal report.

Final result:

More success, happiness and wealth. For yourself and your business. On to that 9!


Duration: 8 to 10 weekly sessions.
Group size: 6 to 8 participants.
Location: peaceful and natural locations.
Investment: € 2.495,- pax (ex VAT).
“I have a big test next week. Then my biggest very demanding client will visit. This time I will stay in my power, and make sure the negotiations are no longer at our expense. I take responsibility for myself and my business. I’m looking forward to it with a smile.”


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