Executive coaching

Business and personal coaching for powerful personal leadership.

Executive coaching

Management and entrepreneur: you are in the spotlight, high demands and similar risk of failure. They say ‘It’s lonely at the top’… A trusted advisor is welcome.

As former CEO your coach has wide experience in the power play between management, boards and shareholders. And specific personal challenges as high pressure and demands, work-life balance and dealing with different interests of stake holders.

Executive coaching is therefore high end. Also because we work on Soul level. And we provide customized services, including 24/7 Observation Coaching*.

Would you like a trusted advisor who can quickly see through your situations? Who will support you hands-on and practical? And who supports you in your development, personally and substantively as a director and entrepreneur? Please contact us: +316 106 75 356.

* 24/7 Observation Coaching provides unique feedback on your behavior as a person and executive. You will be accompanied and observed for a period of time business and/or private. The high end feedback gives you the unique opportunity to further grow as an executive and other roles you have in your private life. Global service.


Duur: ca. 10 weken, 2-3 uur per week (Standaard, wordt aangepast naar behoefte).
Individueel en retreat (4 tot 8 deelnemers).
Locatie: fraaie locaties in natuur in binnen- en buitenland.

Investering p.p. op aanvraag, afhankelijk van behoefte, locatie en aantal deelnemers.