MY Fundament: an A+ for success and happiness.

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MY Fundament: an A+ for success and happiness.

You make hundreds of choices every day. Sometimes consciously. Often not. You think you are independent. having everything under control. But have you? How do you stay in your power – and more importantly – how do you find your way to a more successful and happy life? Follow the MY Fundament program and you’ll know.

Breaking program for leaders

OWN Foundation is a groundbreaking program from Thë Business Optimizer®. Hundreds of business optimization projects paint a clear picture: workload, stress and burn-out are on the rise. We are largely lived by work and outside world

Not only customers, employees and expectations determine your decisions. Education, society, religion, culture and social media also play a role. You live on autopilot, so to speak – and often don’t even realize it. Consequently, many leaders feel performance pressure and increased risk of failure. Resulting in stress, agitation, anxiety and sometimes even burn-out.

To an A+ for succes and happiness.

We turn things around. MY Fundament shows you how to unlock your potential with stunning simplicity. We do this in hands-on sessions with unique depth. Pure and positive, sometimes confrontational, but always with humor. Goal: to an A+ for success and happiness.

In our programs you work with a powerful action plan on your own challenges of life; yourself as an individual, work, family and relationships. We begin by answering the question “Who am I fundamentally? From there, you build your own MY Fundament.

Then what? You get into flow. You live more consciously. You get more peace of mind and grip. You lead a more powerful and richer life. You are getting closer and closer to: “I score an A+ for success and happiness.”

“Shocking!” is a common response. ‘Stunningly simple’ another. ‘Hooray!” we say. ‘Congratulations, and now move on!’

For whom?

MY Fundament is designed for executives, managers, entrepreneurs and other business professionals. But of course, everyone is welcome. As long as you strive for an A+ for success and happiness.

What is the state of your own MY Fundament?

Are you living the life that suits you? Are you on that A+? Or are you thinking of a colleague right now who could use this journey? Take the test, check out our programs, sign up for the 3-day retreat or get in touch and we’ll discuss the possibilities.

Please contact us for English translations of Dutch text