Personal Coaching. Business Retreats, in the pressure cooker to happiness.

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Personal Coaching. Business Retreats, in the pressure cooker to happiness.

The Business Retreat in May was rated a whopping 9.2 by participants! The enthusiasm was SO great … everyone seemed to rise above themselves. How do the participants do two months later? What is the status of the action plan they made? What challenges are people running into and do needs exist? Time for the first return session.

How are our participants doing now?

We meet on the boat of one of the participants in a harbor of the beautiful Loosdrecht lakes. Soon the happiness scores are exchanged. Amazement among the facilitators….everyone is at an 8. Two even score their lives with an 8.5. “Wow, how cool!” is my thought. The stories are coming out. Enthusiastic stories!

The biggest steps forward

The most important conclusion of all: the deep lasting impact of the Business Retreat. ‘How can that be?’ The discussion that follows contains interesting aspects. It gets quieter as one of the participants explains, “Once you recognize yourself again, you don’t let yourself go.

The next conclusion is the power of making intentions. Especially those for the day After the retreat, everyone started using this powerful tool every day. With tremendous effect. Simplicity in all its splendor!

Two people had immediately lost three of the five challenges of life by the end of the three-day Business Retreat. ‘Are those subjects still gone…?’ ‘Yes,’ as sounds firmly.

“It’s all in the mind”. This is something we paid a lot of attention to during the retreat. Because most woes start with thoughts, the thinking. Joy happily too! When you learn how to direct thoughts, you get a grip on them. And what comes with it, is the choice to direct your life in a positive direction. Again and again. Just until patterns break.

Pure enjoyment

We dock at a waterfront restaurant. A beautiful combination of soul level depth and enjoying life. The familiar and safe group feeling is still clearly evident tonight. This aspect is also mentioned as an important success factor of the retreat. And the combination of depth, humor and sociability. The group has already agreed on the next follow-up meeting. Moving along nicely!

It is time to sail back. Back to the port. A great metaphor for the Business Retreat: back to your own familiar haven. Your own MY Fundament. Pauline and I feel privileged as facilitators. We drive home in silence.

Also join our Business Retreat!

  • Is the work-life combination becoming too much for you?
  • Do you have a short fuse?
  • Do you feel you are constantly behind the times?
  • Do you have a difficult contact with some of your relationships?
  • Are you looking for a new balance in your life?

In our Business Retreat, we’ll let you experience how to unlock your potential with stunning ease in just three days. The insights and exercises are pure and positive, sometimes confronting, but always with humor. The goal: a 9 for Success and Happiness in your life.

What will you do?

Within the group you will work with a powerful action plan on your own issues; yourself as an individual, work, family and relationships. We begin by answering the question “Who am I fundamentally? From there, you build your own MY Fundament.



What do you gain from your own MY Fundament?

  • You live more conscious
  • You feel more peace
  • You feel powerful
  • You have a grip on your life again
  • You improve your relationship with yourself (and therefore with others)

For whom.

Our programs are designed for executives, managers, entrepreneurs and other business professionals. But of course, everyone is welcome. As long as you strive for an A+ for success and happiness.

Are you ready for an inspiring break? Check out our 3-day Business Retreat or contact us and we’ll discuss the possibilities.

Please contact us for English translations of Dutch text