Our Mission is a better world with...

... empowered people and meaningful businesses

For a life full of happiness, success and meaning.

For yourself and your business.


MY Fundament is a groundbreaking program of Thé Business Optimizer®.

A better world starts with you. With personal leadership with you as creator.

People, organizations and brands that living their soul values are the winners in tomorrow’s Purpose economy. You unlock your deepest potential and of your business. The deployed Soul knowledge makes MY Fundament programs unique. At the same time, our programs are stunningly simple. Pure and Purposeful, sometimes confrontive and always with postive impact. Powerful integration techniques.

We guide executives, professionals and organizations to an A+ for happiness, success and purpose.

Our Offer

Personal Leadership

Personal Leadership

Finding Your own MY Fundament. Coaching: individual, group, retreats, 24/7 observative coaching.

Soul-level depth, hands-on with powerful integration. Let’s get to work, high effectiveness. Custom-made

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Executive coaching

Executive coaching

C-Level: in the spotlight, lonely at the top. High demands, same risks. Trusted advisor welcome.

As former CEO your coach is experienced in the interaction between management, board and shareholders.

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Personal Coaching - Eigen Fundament

MY Cool Plan B

How do you stay “cool” in a society full of fear, stress and negativity? Where inflation leaves big holes in your possessions and political leadership no longer offers solutions Start your MY Cool Plan B and and get yourself a life full of perspective.

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Key 4 Life

happiness, success and purpose.

With MY Fundament to a A+ for Happiness, Success and Purpose. Then find your purpose and contribute to a better world.

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Burn out reset - Our Offer


Heal quick and permanent from burn-out.

MY Fundament has joined forces with physicians and scientists. Focus on energy management.

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Job Happiness

Job Happiness

Happy employees bring more succes to your organization.

Complete program with continuous monitoring on all elements of vitality and (work) happiness: physical, emotional, mental, Purpose and personal leadership.

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Patrick and partners are experienced hands-on sparring partners and entrepreneurs. Specializing in people essence and powerful integration/implementation. Personal and business coaching. Confidantes of many.

Patrick R. van Zuijlen

Patrick R. van Zuijlen

Inspirator and creator

Founder of The Business Optimizer®. Trusted Advisor
From fundamental wisdom of life to meaningful living and business. Versatile executive experience. Enthusiastic.
Loves a good Indonesian rice table, martial arts, golf and music.

What is the state of your own MY Fundament?

For whom.

  • For you as you strive to achieve an A+ for happiness, success and meaning. And want to contribute to a better world.
  • If you are struggling with life issues. Business and personal. Management and otherwise.
  • Anyone with burn-out or feeling of losing grip.
  • Entrepreneurs and HR Managers who want to increase Job happiness and vitality in their companies.